How To Prevent Diaper Leaks and Blow-Outs

How To Prevent Diaper Leaks and Blow-Outs

Diaper blow-out is possibly one of the worst things when it comes to being a parent of a new baby. That smelly mustard-yellow mush is all over. Up the back, down the legs, at times even around your baby’s neck. It seeps through into their gorgeous, new, white baby grows. Whether you are at home or out and about, it is just a nightmare to clean up. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can pop up your sleeve to minimize these catastrophic events from happening to you and your baby!

4 Causes of Diaper Blow-Out
To get to grips with what we can do to avoid diaper explosions, we need to understand why they happen in the first place. So, what causes diaper blow-outs?

  1. A diaper that is the wrong size is more likely to leak or allow poop to escape.
  2. Clothes that are too tight can put pressure on your baby’s diaper in the wrong places. This can lead to leaks and explosions.
  3. A diaper that is already quite full will not be able to absorb or hold on to a number two, resulting in a diaper blow-out.
  4. If your little one is constipated for a little while, the first poop to come out after that time is likely to be comparable to the eruptions from Mount Vesuvius.

6 Tips to Prevent Diaper Leaks and Blow-Out
I have had a diaper blow-out happen to me while out shopping with my little guy, then just a few months old. It went all the way up to his back to the base of his neck. Soaked through two layers of clothing. Ugh, having to find a diaper changing area big enough to deal with that issue (eye roll).

While you are cleaning that mess up, it feels as if there are not enough wet wipes in the world to get your baby clean! So, to try and avoid that happening to you, here are some tips on how to prevent baby diaper blow-out in the first place:

  1. First things first, the diaper should be the right size. If a diaper is too small, leaks and blow-outs may occur. This is because there is simply not enough absorbency in the diaper for the volume of wee and/or poo being emitted. And, because there are likely areas where the diaper does not fit your baby as it should. The same goes for diapers that are too big. If the diaper isn’t snug enough, there are spots where leaks can occur, and poop can escape! We love DYPER because their diapers are also independently tested and certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX®, a leading Swiss certification body, and achieved the coveted 5-star rating by DermaTest®.
  2. Make sure that your baby’s clothes fit correctly and allow room for the diaper and its contents.
  3. Keep an eye on the poop schedule. If your little one has not had a bowel movement in some time, be prepared for a blow-out and take the necessary precautions.
  4. Change your baby’s diaper regularly. A full diaper is, obviously, capable of absorbing a lot less.
  5. If your baby frequently experiences diaper blow-outs, you can place a cloth diaper cover over the disposable diaper. The elastic waistband may help to keep all the bad stuff inside the diaper. Plus, it is a whole lot easier washing one diaper cover now and then, rather than a whole outfit and all the bedding!
  6. Do you have a continually active bub or one that sleeps through the night and pees all night long too? In situations like this, leaks and blow-outs are inevitable. To avoid those midnight diaper change wake-ups, try our DYPER Training Pants. They are made for kiddos that are getting close to potty-training.

How to Put a Diaper on the Right Way

  • The waistband elastic must wrap around your baby’s tummy in line with the belly button.
  • Fasten the tabs from back to front. Make sure that they are secure, and that the waistband is reasonably tight. You should be able to fit one to two fingers in between your baby’s tummy and the elastic.
  • Check the leg cuffs. They must be on the outside of the nappy to avoid leaking down the leg. The elastic around the leg should fit snugly in the crease where the leg meets the body.
  • The leg elastic should also be quite tight. Again, one to two fingers between leg and elastic for a secure fit.

5 Diaper Bag Must-Haves for Diaper Blow-Out
Every mom has her list of diaper bag essentials. For my friend Alicia, it is extra hair elastics to get her lovely locks out of the way when she needs to get up close and personal with a dirty diaper. For Astrid, it is her favorite lippy to help her feel glam after cleaning up a yucky diaper mess. For me, it is a chocolate seed bar as a pick me up for those days when I cannot remember whether I had breakfast or not!

But blow-outs are a particular issue that needs some pretty serious diaper bag arsenal. Here is our list of diaper bag essentials for when diaper disasters strike:

  1. Plenty of wipes! DYPER baby wipes are soft, absorbent, and made with 100% plant-based materials. Soft on your baby’s delicate skin and kind to the home we all share.
  2. Compostable bags for soiled diapers and dirty clothes.
  3. Bum cream. That mustard-yellow mush can be quite acidic sometimes. For those days when you want to give your little one’s delicate tush some extra protection, it is great to have a good bum balm on hand. The Diaper Cream from DYPER is vegan, cruelty-free, and oh so smooth!
  4. A spare set (or two) of clothing for your baby.
  5. One or two brushed cotton receiving blankets or muslins. I like to use these to lay my baby down on when I am changing their diapers in the back of the car or a public restroom. Over and above the plastic changing mat. I find that having that bit of absorbent material helps to soak up yuckiness sticking to their skin instead of it smearing further along their body as they wriggle and writhe while you are changing them!

The Best Diapers for Baby Diaper Blow-Outs
The best diaper for your baby is one that is comfortable and fits well. DYPER ticks all these boxes and more! Not only is it absorbent, but they make sure to protect your little one’s sensitive skin and ensure their diapers are made without harmful chemicals or potential irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates. DYPER diapers are also independently tested and certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX®, a leading Swiss certification body, and achieved the coveted 5-star rating by DermaTest®. Simply kind to baby and the planet.

We pride ourselves in assisting parents with a simple and kind diaper journey! The DYPER range of products is designed by parents for parents. As is the entire ordering and delivery process. You can have your diapers delivered to your door.