Can I cancel my order after it has been placed?

After your order has been placed we are not able to cancel or change the order as our warehouse picks and processes orders immediately.

What should I know about subscribing?


At DYPER™, we know babies can be a (joyous) handful, so we like to keep things easy. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked, in your account. And if you need help, email us at hello@dyper.com, where a real person will connect with you and help get you what you need.  


Need to return or exchange a previous order? No problem. You can easily manage exchanges and returns on a particular order in your account. We will provide you a FREE return label and process any refunds or exchanges needed when you drop the package back off at Fedex. Easy.

NOTE: Non-Subscribers pay a $12 processing fee on returns and exchanges.


Your subscription is charged on the date listed in your account. Then, we process your order, pack up your order and deliver it to you within 3-5 business days, depending on where you live. You can view tracking on any order in your account by clicking on the order top right and will receive a tracking email for each order, so there will be zero surprises about when your DYPER box will arrive. 

Weekends: Orders placed Friday (after 3 p.m. PST) through Sunday will ship out on Monday at our normal collection time. We recommend double checking your shipping date each cycle to ensure your shipment will arrive when you need it. As always, if you ever need help, reach out to us at hello@dyper.com and we’re happy to offer assistance.


Need an earlier or later shipment? Adjusting your delivery is easy: 

Log in to your account.

Click on “Reschedule” at the top. 

Choose a new date for your next shipment – for any reason, at any time.

Your order will process on your selected day and ship out the following business day. It should be in your hands within 3-5 days, depending on your location.

Your updated date becomes the beginning of your new subscription cycle. Your DYPER diapers will ship at your chosen frequency, for example, every 2 or 4 weeks, based on the date you selected.

We recommend choosing a date between Monday and Thursday to ensure there are no weekend shipping delays.


Babies have one job: to grow. And we love to see it! As your little one becomes (slightly) bigger, you’ll want to change diaper sizes to match. This ensures a good fit, prevents leaks, and keeps everyone happy. 

Just log into your account and select the new size you need. You can make these changes up to one day prior to your upcoming order without affecting the charge or shipment date. 


Nobody loves a leak. Isn’t there enough laundry already? We’ve put together some tips and tricks for how to use our diapers like a pro for maximum leak prevention. (Feel free to forward this link on to anyone who might need a refresher.)


Your account is where you’ll manage your account details. You can track your shipments, adjust your diaper sizes, change your address or payment info, and adjust your delivery dates as needed. Any changes you make up to one day prior to your next order won’t affect your shipment date.


Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at hello@dyper.com and we’ll take good care of you.

How will a DYPER subscription make my life easier?

Life is complicated. Diapers should be easy.

When you sign up for a DYPER subscription box, we’ll send you the number of diapers we calculate you’ll need for four weeks (based on our data). You’ll always pay a flat charge, so there are no surprises.

If you need a few more diapers each month, you can order an Extra Pack anytime through your account. Each $19 pack contains 20-52 diapers depending on size. 

If you need your diapers sooner or later, you can easily reschedule, pause, skip or send your shipment now in your account.

Our goal is to help you automate your shipment of reliable, absorbent diapers to give you one less thing to worry about. Ideally, this means no more running out, no more trying disappointing brands, and no more 2 a.m. emergency runs to the store that charges twice as much as everywhere else. 

What is the cost of a DYPER subscription?

Our subscription boxes cost $99 per delivery, and are calculated to provide enough diapers for four weeks. More than 95 percent of our subscribers choose this option. 

But every baby is different, and you can reschedule your upcoming shipments anytime or adjust the frequency to match your child’s unique needs.

Our goal is always to sell you Simply Kind diapers at a low, predictable price with no extras, upsells, or gotchas. We’re always looking for ways to cut out middlemen and pass savings directly onto you.

Can I get a sample?

Yep. You can experience 3 diapers or training pants in your selected size and just pay $5 toward shipping and handling.

We will instantly issue you a coupon worth $5 to use against future purchases, effectively eliminating the cost.

You can order a Sample 3 Pack here anytime.

How many diapers come in a shipment?

Here are the current sizes and amounts of diapers per box:

Size N / Newborn (< 10 lb): 204 diapers per box 

Size 1 / X Small (8-14 lb): 216 diapers per box 

Size 2 / Small (12-18 lb): 192 diapers per box 

Size 3 / Medium (16-28 lb): 168 diapers per box 

Size 4 / Large (22-37 lb): 144 diapers per box 

Size 5 / XLarge (> 27 lb): 120 diapers per box 

Size 6 / XXLarge (> 35 lb): 108 diapers per box 

What do I do if I need my diapers sooner or later?

You’ve got a few options. 

If you need a delivery sooner (or later) than expected, go to your account and use the Reschedule button up top to select any date you would like the order to process. It typically takes 3-5 business days to deliver once processed.

Reach out to us anytime at hello@dyper.com and we can help too!

Can I create DYPER subscriptions for multiple children at once?

Of course! Whether you’ve got twins, children of different ages, or you’re living with other family members, our subscription service can adapt to meet your needs. 

Just set up a second (or third, or fourth) subscription under your account by following the same steps as you did originally. You’ll be able to choose the size you need and establish the frequency – the details don’t need to match your other subscription boxes. 

So if you need frequent diapers for a newborn, and occasional night-time briefs for a toddler, you’re able to customize each subscription to give you exactly what you need. 

How much will I pay to ship my DYPER subscription box?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

When you’re a subscriber, all your subscription boxes ship absolutely free.

If I’m traveling or visiting family, can I have my subscription temporarily sent to a different location?

Absolutely! We’re happy to deliver your subscription box to any address you choose. 

For example, if you’re spending the holiday season at a family member’s house, we can ship your DYPER box to their address for as long as you need them sent there. If you’re taking a vacation, we can ship your subscription box to your hotel or rental property, no problem. 

You can adjust the address or add a 2nd address easily in your account prior to your upcoming shipment. You can also reach out to us at hello@dyper.com and we can help too.

What is your REDYPER program?

We’re so glad you asked. Did you know most commercial diapers take up to 500 years to decompose? We think both Earth and your baby deserve better. 

REDYPER is our signature diaper disposal program. As part of our commitment to creating a simply kind diaper, we’ve developed a way to keep diapers out of landfills and turn them into something useful. Really! We like to think of it as the circle of life. 

Here are the full details about our REDYPER program and what we’ve accomplished so far. Through REDYPER Local, we have options for local pickup service in select cities, and with our mail away program, you may purchase a special box and a shipping label to ship your diapers back to us using the REDYPER Return Bundle anytime.

What happens to dirty diapers collected in the REDYPER program? 

Whether you use our REDYPER Local program and or mail away REDYPER Return Bundles, your used diapers will avoid the landfill and get turned into something useful

How does composting differ from recycling?

Recycling takes old materials and processes them into new raw materials, which can be used to make new products. Common materials that can be recycled include glass, most plastic, paper, textiles, and metals. 

Composting is the process of letting materials decay in a controlled environment to produce a nutrient-rich topsoil. In nature, the composting process occurs slowly, over years. But with a little human help, composting can turn things like food scraps, paper, and other organic material into fertilizer much more quickly. 

What is the REDYPER Local program? How much does it cost?

REDYPER Local is a pickup service we currently offer in 21 cities, with more on the way. We currently serve: 

​​Atlanta • Austin • Boston • Chicago • Denver/Boulder • Los Angeles • Milwaukee • Minneapolis • Nashville • New York City • Newark • Philadelphia • Phoenix • Portland • Sacramento • Salt Lake City • San Diego • San Francisco • Seattle • Washington D.C. • Raleigh 

If you live in one of these cities, check your account under REDYPER. If you are in a pickup area, you will be able to enroll now.

With REDYPER Local, we’ll pick up your used diapers in person through one of our trusted local partners. The cost is $20 for each pickup plus the cost of DYPER compostable bags, which you can order from your account

Here are some tips for making the most of REDYPER Local: 


When you sign up for REDYPER Local, we’ll send you a welcome kit that comes with a starter roll of DYPER compostable bags.


We can only accept pickups that use our DYPER compostable bags. If you use a plastic bag or a compostable bag from another brand, our drivers won’t be able to complete your pickup request.


If you live in a gated community with an access code or have other instructions our pickup drivers need to know, send us an email at redyper@dyper.com with the details. Our goal is to make your REDYPER pickup process as seamless as possible.


You can view your pickup dates at any time in your account. Pickups in each local area occur on a set date every other week, which cannot be changed.

If you have any issues with your pickup request, email us at redyper@dyper.com and we’re happy to help.


Having a young child at home can be wonderful, joyful – and hectic. But we won’t let you forget an upcoming pickup. Two days before your pickup appointment, we’ll send you a reminder email, so you’ll always have a head start on getting things ready.


The night before your pickup date, place your compostable DYPER bag full of used DYPER diapers in front of your door, or within a few feet and in plain view. Our drivers don’t call, ring doorbells, or look into unmarked bins or buckets for your REDYPER bags. Please note there is a 6 bag limit per pickup.

If you do need to use a bin or a bucket, due to wildlife or local regulations, email us at redyper@dyper.com so we can alert our driver. Make sure your container is clearly labeled DYPER and follow the same instructions as above.


Pickups and pickup charges can’t be skipped, canceled, or refunded at this time. REDYPER Local operates like your local trash service. The drivers drive each route in full on the specified day, every other week, regardless of individual customers being out of town, forgetting to put bags out, etc. This allows us to keep costs low and run the program for years to come.


As you can imagine, ripped bags are a liability for our pickup drivers. If your bag rips, please double bag it in a second DYPER compostable bag. Our drivers will only pick up the green DYPER compostable bags from your door, and only if they are unripped.


Our drivers run pickup routes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on your local pickup day. They may show up anytime between those hours, so be sure to put your bag out the night before.

If you have any issues or questions with your pickups, email us at redyper@dyper.com and we can assist you personally.


To cancel your REDYPER Local service at any time, for any reason, just log in to your account. If you have any trouble with your cancellation, email us at redyper@dyper.com, and we’ll connect you to a real person who can help.

How do I know if I’m eligible for REDYPER Local?

If you’re eligible to enroll for REDYPER Local, it will show up in the Pickup section of your account.

If I have more than one DYPER subscription, do I need to pay REDYPER Local fees for each one?

The fee for REDYPER Local is $20 per pickup, per subscription. So if you have two subscriptions to DYPER – for two children of different ages, say – you’ll pay $20 for each subscription, or $40 total for each pickup. 

Local pickups and pickup charges occur every two weeks. REDYPER Local is currently only available in select cities, although we’re always working on expanding. 

Why is there viscose from Bamboo in DYPER diapers?

Viscose from Bamboo breathes well and is soft enough to sit next to your baby’s skin, wicking away moisture to help avoid irritation.

How do I responsibly dispose of empty DYPER product bottles?

When your DYPER Hair & Body Wash, Boby Lotion and/or Bubble Bath bottle is empty and it’s time to recycle it, here’s what we recommend:

Pop open the side of the outer shell along the seam with your thumbs. This outer shell can go in curbside recycling, alongside paper and cardboard. You could also take it to drop-off recycling programs or an industrial compost facility. Soil Control Labs confirms that the shell is 100% organic bio-based material (per ASTM D6868 standards), which will break down within 12 weeks in an industrial compost setting. 

Remove the pouch from inside the molded fiber shell. Rinse out the pouch and allow it to dry. The inner pouch and the spout are #4 LDPE plastic and can be recycled. However, double-check your local curbside recycling program to see if they accept #4 plastic. Not every community does, although that number is growing, but many grocery stores and other retailers will accept #4 plastic as part of their plastic bag recycling programs.

What features make DYPER diapers different from other products?

We’ve put a lot of thought and research into making a kind disposable diaper that works. Here are features that set our diapers apart: 


Each diaper has a top sheet and back sheet made from 100% viscose from Bamboo, a soft, absorbent material that’s breathable and hypoallergenic.

Our diapers use a back film made from PBAT and starch, which is more breathable and kinder than traditional films made from plastic.

Our wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue in the presence of moisture, which means you’ll always know when it’s time for a change.


An elastic waistband helps provide a snug fit without sacrificing your baby’s comfort. 

Flexible side panels stretch to ensure a perfect fit, even when your baby is most active. 

Triple-strength tabs are adjustable and flexible enough to move with your baby without coming undone. 

The fastening strips are designed to release quietly, which allows for more peaceful night-time changes.


Our viscose is made from Bamboo, one of the world’s most renewable resources. It’s among the fastest growing plants on earth, requires less water to grow, and can produce and reproduce a crop for years without replanting.

When you subscribe to DYPER deliveries, we purchase carbon-offset credits with every delivery, which go toward reforestation efforts that benefit all future generations.

Our diapers are disposable, but that doesn’t mean they become trash. Our REDYPER program lets you send back used DYPER diapers (yes, really!) to keep them out of landfills by turning them into something useful.

Our diapers are Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX®, a designation that means all elements have been tested and found safe for human health. 


Chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, fragrances, phthalates, or TBT.

How do I know which side of the DYPER Training Pants/Briefs goes in front?

Just look for the giraffe! It always goes in front, so you never have to wonder if you put the briefs on backward. (We’ve all been there.)

How do DYPER diapers help with odor?

You might call your baby your “little stinker,” but nobody likes living with bad smells that linger. In our diapers, our top and back sheets are made with viscose from Bamboo, which is both odor resistant and more breathable than other materials. And a snug, adjustable fit helps prevent leaks of all kinds.

Why are DYPER diapers a better choice, for both baby and parents?

There are three reasons DYPER diapers are a better choice than other brands: the materials we use, the materials we’ll never use, and how we keep diapers out of landfills. 

You can read more detail about what sets us apart under, “What features make DYPER diapers different from other products?”