30 Creative Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

30 Creative Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

Needless to say, fatherhood can be hard, especially in the early weeks and months. So the least we can do for a friend, colleague, or family member who is celebrating their first Father’s Day is to make the journey easier.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for New Dads

For Father’s Day this year, we have rounded up creative and memorable gift ideas for the new dads in your life. We've curated this gift guide to be meaningful and practical, because the last thing we want is to churn out a list of random stuff that will only end up collecting dust. Instead, we have a mix of gestures, experiences, and items to make new dads feel loved and celebrated on this special day.

For the Sentimental New Dad

1. Breakfast in bed
There’s nothing like waking up to your favorite breakfast on Father’s Day. Whether that’s toast, jam, and coffee, or a complete breakfast spread, this classic gesture works every time.

2. Father’s day card
Father’s Day is incomplete without a card. So pick out something funny, write a few lines of heartfelt well-wishes, and share with him how much his eyes have sparkled since the day he became a father.

3. First pictures with baby
The first moments with a new baby are always special. Help him recall these treasured memories by printing and framing photos of the best ones for him to display at work or home.

4. A photo book of baby’s milestones
Make trips down memory lane more accessible by helping dad create a photo book of baby’s milestones.

5. Polaroid camera
Printing photos often gets pushed aside for more pressing matters. So how about buying a Polaroid camera for the designated shutterbug? No more printing worries, and physical photos are available in seconds.

6. A box of keepsakes
Fatherhood is an overwhelmingly emotional and sentimental part of a man's life. Assemble a box of keepsakes for him to remember and give to his child later in life.

For the Busy New Dad

7. Home-cooked meals
Proper meals are crucial for new parents, but they can be time-consuming. How about preparing delicious and nutritious meals they can quickly preheat? Voila! Dinner in under 5 minutes!

8. Babysitting coupons
Even the most eager new dad needs a break from the task of caring for the baby. If babysitting is your jam, how about offering babysitting coupons he and his partner can redeem as needed?

For the Hands-on New Dad

9. Baby care book
Most parents wish that babies came with an instruction manual. Good news: baby care books now abound. Get one for your first-time dad and watch his confidence grow around the baby.

10. A baby monitor with cry detection
Nothing is more frustrating than accidentally waking baby during a nighttime check-in. A baby monitor with cry detection will allow dad to only come when he truly needs to. Result: better sleep for both parents and baby!

11. Bedtime board books
Support this communication-building and bonding activity by giving dad sturdy board books that both he and baby will enjoy.

12. Comfy loungewear
Comfy loungewear is perfect for daddies. Choose something breathable and crinkle-free so he can be presentable even for those emergency grocery runs or Zoom meetings.

For the Environmentally Responsible New Dad

13. DYPER subscription
Help a new dad keep his S*%T together with a DYPER™ subscription, so he never has to worry about running out of diapers again. Made with plant-based materials and made without harmful chemicals or potential irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates.

14. Dropps Sensitive Skin and Baby Detergent
Assuage the fears of the uncompromising new dad with this gentle yet effective detergent. Its gentle formula handles the stubbornest dirt without harming the baby’s skin or polluting the environment.

15. Wooden baby toy
Give Dad and baby some environmentally kind playtime with wooden toys made from responsibly-sourced wood and non-toxic paint. Specific toy ideas are rattle, mobile, and stacking/nesting set.

For the Practical New Dad

16. Diaper bag
Going out with a baby can be quite a challenge without a dependable diaper bag. Ensure maximum use by picking a color and style that can work for mom too.

17. Stroller
Make outdoor time easy for the new parents with a stroller. Choose one that’s easily stored both at home and in the car.

For the Active New Dad

18. Gym membership
Help the new father in your life build strength and keep healthy with a gym membership. He’ll thank you for it.

19. Massage gun
Carrying the baby can give new dads tight and sore muscles. Help them knead tension away with a massage gun.

20. Water flask
Make sure the new dad in your life is properly hydrated. Give him a water flask he can bring anywhere. Pick one that can hold a substantial amount of water and keep the liquids piping hot or ice-cold for up to 12 to 24 hours.

For the Sleep-deprived New Dad

21. New sheets
A well-rested dad means a happy baby too. So help him get a good night’s sleep with soft, breathable, and comfortable sheets made from natural fibers.

22. Pillow
Sometimes, a pillow is the key to getting a night of deep and restful sleep. Find something with excellent head and neck support so he can catch those elusive zzzs.

23. Coffee
It's to operate on low sleep, as new parents know. Keep Dad awake with coffee made from environmentally responsible sourced coffee beans.

24. Insulated coffee cup
It’s uncanny, but trust us when we say that baby almost always cries just as you’re about to sip your hot coffee. Save the new dad from reheating his coffee 18 times a day with an insulated cup that keeps it at the perfect temperature.

For the Experiences-over-stuff New Dad

25. Ticket to his dream masterclass
Whether it’s cooking, photography, or woodworking, support his desire to learn or master a new skill by enrolling him in that class.

26. Messy play class
Build his store of fun memories with the baby by signing them up to a messy play class in your area.

27. Game tickets
Is his favorite sports team playing in your area around Father’s Day? Be sure to grab a ticket for him and let him enjoy the day (or night). He’ll come back happy and ready to take on daddy duties after.

28. Food crawl
Find out his favorite food from appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Then pick out four to five restaurants near each other where you can have each. It’s a fun way to discover new places and flavors. Perfect for the foodie daddy.

29. A date at his favorite restaurant
What’s a Father’s Day without a date? Whether it’s just the two of you or with baby too, make it memorable by booking a table at his favorite restaurant.

30. Pamper session
Dads might not appear on spa posters, but they need pampering too. Give him a mani/pedi, a massage, or a facial sesh to help him feel relaxed and refreshed.