Can you hear the whispers?

With our Health platform, you and your little one become data detectives – unlocking compelling discoveries about gut health, genetic traits, allergies, sensitivities and beyond! Let us guide you on an adventure to uncovering valuable insights.

We're partnering with the most promising providers that can deliver science-based insights into the pressing questions many families have.

Our delivery and pickup network is uniquely positioned to quickly and reliably deliver samples to certified labs, shortening the time from collection to action.

Be in the know







Tests provided are exclusively intended to be used for wellness and education purposes. The tests we promote are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician’s consultation. Please read and acknowledge additional terms related to these services prior to enrolling.

Easy peasy

Collect the sample using the provided collection device.

Pack the sample in the uniquely coded collection box.

Leave the box for scheduled pickup or return in the envelope provided.

Samples are picked up and delivered to labs for processing.

Independently certified labs will process your samples and deliver results to our partners.

Personalized report and guidance are delivered through a secure portal.

Right to know

Right to know

We believe that parents have the right to be involved in the health and wellbeing of their children, including the ability to supplement pediatrician ordered testing with additional educational and informational resources designed to assist them in nurturing their child.

A few quick answers

What tests are available?

We're launching with a few selected tests including gut health, breast milk test, vaginal biome and DNA traits. We are continuing to add tests and providers with more exciting options on the way including heavy metal testing.

Who performs the tests?

All tests distributed via our platform are performed by properly licensed and accredited labs following strict standards. Generally speaking, labs are CLIA accredited and located in the continental USA.

Tests are designed to specifications of individual providers, who are in charge of tabulating and presenting the results, together with helping understand the reports.

How does specimen collection work?

Each test comes with specific instructions on how best to collect and send the samples. Generally speaking, our tests focus on saliva, feces and urine, which can be easily collected with a small, spoon-like utensil, swab or a credit-card sized dry specimen device and placed in the container provided.

Once collected, samples can be returned with your scheduled REDYPER™ pickup, where available, or returned in the postage-paid envelope directly to the appropriate provider's labs.

Do I need to consult my doctor before or after enrolling?

We strongly recommend speaking to your provider before and after ordering any tests.

While most consumers can easily interpret the results of the tests, it is advisable to consult their provider if anything seems out of order or if they have concerns with anything contained in the tests.

More is more when it comes to taking care of our children.