Bold Diapers for Born Rebels

We know a little something about rebellion because the world’s first charcoal-enhanced disposable baby diaper breaks all the rules. 

We’ve enhanced our original diapers with charcoal, an ingredient well known for it's filtering and odor fighting properties, lending them their distinctive outside color. A plant-based pristine white inner layer locks away moisture to help keep your little one dry and comfortable. And all our materials have been independently tested as hypoallergenic and made without harmful chemicals. 

So if you’re searching for a diaper that performs great, looks amazing, and does some good in the world, we’ve got you covered.


We broke the mold on this one. Made with FSC® Certified wood pulp and without chlorine, natural rubber latex, alcohol, TBT, parabens, and phthalates, they’re soft, absorbent, and safe – with no, dyes, prints, or fragrances in sight.

Club box allows for an easy trial and precise replenishment.

We broke the mold on this one. Made with FSC® Certified wood pulp and without chlorine, natural rubber latex, alcohol, TBT, parabens, and phthalates, they’re soft, absorbent, and safe – with no, dyes, prints, or fragrances in sight.

This convenient monthly box delivers up to 15% more diapers than our original monthly box while reducing CO2 impact of deliveries.

Our large, embossed wipes are made with 100% plant-based materials, enhanced with a bit of activated charcoal. And at 98% pure water, they’re ready to conquer even your messiest days.

Available in our exclusive multipack.

Yes we did

Yes we did

When we realized we could use charcoal to give our diapers a new look, we started questioning everything. Why should all diapers be white, other than that they just are

So we designed something innovative. It’s the same diaper you love, with added charcoal giving it a fresh color. The result is a diaper that stands out from the crowd – just like your kiddo.

And with matching wipes for good measure, you can pack your nursery with future-facing products that bring a little style and fun to your changing table.

Boldly Different


With charcoal from Bamboo added to the plant-based outer layer, the result is a striking new color.


Crafted in Japan, the plant-derived material of the inner layer is textured to wick liquid away from your baby’s skin and lock it in the diaper’s core.


Our redesigned closures provide an effortless fit and easy re-adjustments thanks to a large attachment area on the front of the diaper.


We’ve worked hard to package our products in a way that maximizes the use of renewable materials. And thanks to our proprietary quick-open zippers, our diapers are easy to unbox, even with a wriggling baby on one hip.

The future is built on innovation, and we’ve been innovating since day one. We started with our first diapers made with viscose from Bamboo that can be safely returned to us for responsible disposal. Then we subjected them to a battery of tests to ensure all our materials are safe and sensitive-skin approved.

We kept pushing and reinvented the disposal process with BYOCHAR™, which allows us to turn used diapers into char used as a soil additive or in water filtration.

But we’re just getting started. Our goal is nothing less than to ensure every family has access to an option that reduces the impact of diapering while preserving the performance and material safety every baby deserves.

A few quick answers

Is charcoal safe for my baby?

Whether it’s used in products that touch your skin or that you ingest, activated charcoal is considered safe. You can find it in toothpaste, makeup wipes, and even beverages. And while we don’t make food for your baby, we know that almost everything winds up in their little mouths eventually, so we would never use an ingredient that would cause them harm.

What are the benefits of charcoal?

The research into charcoal is ongoing, but it’s commonly used to increase absorption, draw out toxins from surrounding areas, and fight odors. It’s a fine, odorless dark powder that’s even used in emergency rooms for various purposes, like treating overdoses of harmful substances.

Is the inside of the diaper the same color?

On our charcoal-enhanced diapers, only the outside layer and closing hooks are dark. Everything else is white, as you would expect. Leaving the inside of the diaper light allows parents to keep an eye on their baby’s output more easily, which is an important part of monitoring their health and well-being.

Do your charcoal-enhanced diapers have a wetness indicator?

To keep the surface of the diaper unprinted and infused with charcoal, we had to skip the wetness indicator in our dark diapers. However, when we tested our new products with real parents, they felt the tradeoff was worth the benefits they received. Our original diapers still include a wetness indicator for your convenience.