The Ultimate Grandparent Gift Guide: 9 Fantastic Gift Ideas

The Ultimate Grandparent Gift Guide: 9 Fantastic Gift Ideas

Many parents look forward to becoming grandparents for many years. So, when the baby announcement is finally made, it's time to celebrate!

Whether you want to help some beloved new grandparents celebrate their status or you’re the grandparent-to-be, we’ve put together a great gift guide that will help you purchase the perfect present.

Below, find nine fantastic gift ideas for new grandparents:

1. Babysitting Gear
One of the many joys of being a new grandparent is getting to babysit! However, most grandparents don’t have much baby gear around anymore. So, it’s time to restock their home with a full supply of commonly used baby items such as baby wash, wipes, diaper cream, and perhaps even some diapers, just in case! This essential babysitting gear will make it easy for the new grandparents to feel prepared when looking after their sweet grandchild.

If your question is “What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild?” this kit of baby gear is also wonderful for any new parent. Pack it up into a nice basket that can be tucked onto a shelf of the changing table, and you’re set!

2. DYPER Subscription
Diaper changes are never-ending with a newborn. Grandparents will remember well that you barely finish a feeding when the baby needs to be changed. This just repeats over and over, leading to a monstrous amount of diapers!

Give your new grandchild the gift of soft, absorbent, plant-based diapers! With a DYPER subscription, diapers are delivered straight to your grandchild’s door, so the new parents never run out. The best part is you can set up your little sweetie without an ounce of guilt. Our diapers are plant-based and use Chlorine-Free fluff pulp plus they are made without harmful chemicals or potential irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates so you can protect your grandbaby’s cute little tush. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Help Feed Baby
If you’re looking for creative grandparent gift ideas for new grandparents, we’ve got a fabulous idea for you! Why not send a package of food? New grandparents will likely be making plenty of casseroles, soups, and easy foods to take over to the exhausted new parents. You can make it easier for everyone by providing quality frozen chicken, beef, and more!

To make the gift even more special, consider including some baby feeding dishes so that when the baby is old enough to try new foods, Grandma and Grandpa will be ready to spoil their grandchild.

For grandparents hoping to help make life easier for their children (the new parents!), we highly recommend a Thrive Market gift card and membership. Thrive Market’s carbon-neutral shipping and recycling or compostable packaging gives the gift of home-delivered groceries and household products without the guilt. Plus, you can even help them put meals on automatic with recurring deliveries of essentials.

4. A Car seat
Need out-of-the-ordinary grandparent gift ideas for a new baby? One large expense that new parents often have to foot is the car seat. Why not take the burden off the new parents and make it a gift from Grandma and Grandpa? The new baby will use the car seat for the next few years, so it will certainly be well-used.

This gift is also wonderful for doting grandparents who will be helping out with childcare. That way, they can install the car seat and spoil their grandbaby with trips to the park, zoo, museum, or out into the countryside!

5. All the Toys
No grandparent gift guide would be complete without toys!

Grandparents need plenty of toys to keep their grandbaby entertained and happy when they come to visit. If you’re looking for safe toys that are also environmentally friendly, look no further than Thrive Market’s toy section. From lovely wooden blocks and stackers to fun bath crayons and play dough, you can’t go wrong with these toys.

Grandma and Grandpa’s house will be the grandbaby’s favorite destination once you’ve gifted them fun toys, balls, and puzzles to enjoy!

Toys are also a perfect gift for new grandparents to give the new baby. Board books are an especially great choice. Plus, it gives Grandma and Grandpa a great excuse to get baby snuggles while reading to their grandchild.

6. Fun Grandpa and Grandma Gear
One of the most fabulous gift ideas for new grandparents is cute gear that shows the world that they’re grandparents. We’re talking coffee mugs that read “The World’s Best Grandma” and beer glasses that say “Only the best Dads get promoted to Grandpa!” T-shirts, engraved frames, and memory books are also great gifts for grandparents who have recently acquired their status.

Remember, shop in line with the new grandparents’ personality and style. For Grandma’s who are too cool to be “Grandma,” try going for “Mimi” or “Glamma” themed gifts. Elegant grandmothers may also enjoy engraved jewelry, while there are plenty of sports-themed Grandpa items as well.

7. A DYPER Bag
While babysitting their adorable grandchild, grandparents will need a quality diaper bag that they can take with them for outings to the park, the mall, or downtown.

Our trooper of a diaper bag can carry everything grandparents need when caring for their little bundle of joy. Featuring an insulated pocket for the baby’s bottle, the bag has enough pockets to keep everything organized and easy to access. For on-the-fly diaper changes, there’s a changing pad included. The bag is even big enough for packing in Grandma and Grandpa’s sunglasses and water bottles! Plus, the bag is built with strong materials that will hold up over time, and will last for several grandkids!

8. A Photo Frame
Is there anything grandparents love more than showing off pictures of their grandkids?

One of the best gift ideas for new grandparents is a digital photo frame. That way, whenever there’s an influx of new grandbaby photos, they can be put on display right away!

Traditional photo frames are also a great alternative that grandparents can use to show off their grandbabies.

If you’re feeling very generous, you could also book a photographer for a photoshoot of the new grandparents and their grandchild! The pictures are sure to be adorable and capture fond memories of bonding with the new baby.

9. Wine to Celebrate
It’s time to pop the champagne and toast to the new titles of Grandpa and Grandma! Always a great gift, a bottle of wine is a wonderful way to recognize the birth of a new grandchild. Whether you drink the wine alongside the new grandparents or simply ship a bottle to their house, they’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

Welcoming a new person into the world is made all the more special with several generations to love and celebrate the baby. With the ideas in this grandparent gift guide, both the new grandbaby and the grandparents are sure to feel recognized in a meaningful way.

Which gift will you choose?