Setting Up a Nursery on a Budget

Setting Up a Nursery on a Budget

Are you excited to design a nursery but are short of cash? In this article, we teach you how to design a nursery on a budget. We give you DIY nursery ideas on a budget so you will know how to organize a nursery with little money.

You Can Create a Nursery on a Budget
Designing a nursery can be challenging when you're working with a limited budget, but it's possible! You don't have to break the bank to create a beautiful nursery for your little one. By using creativity and budget-saving ideas, you can design the right space that will suit you and your baby. Keep reading to get nursery ideas on a budget.

Get a Convertible Crib
A crib is an essential item for a nursery. Consider buying a convertible crib. While buying a convertible crib may cost more than conventional cribs, it will save you money down the road when your baby becomes a toddler. The convertible crib can even be turned into a full-size bed, which means that your child will use it well beyond the baby and toddler years.

One thing to consider when buying a convertible crib is that some manufacturers will not include all of the accessories and hardware needed to convert it into a bed. Factor in the extra cost of buying those items when you purchase a convertible crib. It might be more economical to buy one that includes everything you need. Remember that the conversion kit may not be available when you need it.

Skip Baby Bedding
Some sets of baby bedding cost up to $200, but expensive bedding is not necessary. Babies only need a firm mattress and a bottom sheet, as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. In fact, top sheets, blankets, and pillows can be dangerous, and can potentially cause a baby to suffocate and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Bumpers, sleep positioners, and wedges can be dangerous as well.

If you are worried that your baby will not be warm enough at night, consider buying a sleep sack, which Riley Children's Health recommends to parents. However, a swaddle wrap, while great to soothe a crying baby, is unsafe for sleeping. Rachel Moon, MD, who authored the AAP’s safe sleeping recommendations, says that when babies are swaddled, “They should be placed only on their back and monitored so they don't accidentally roll over.”

DIY a Changing Table
Yes, you will need to change your baby but that doesn't mean you need to buy a changing table. A changing table is only good for one thing: to change your baby, so, eventually, it will not be useful. In fact, as early as when your baby starts to roll, you'll probably want to change them on the floor.

If you really would like a changing table, you can ditch the added expense by transforming a dresser into a changing table. That way it will serve two purposes and you can continue using the dresser as your child grows.

To convert a dresser into a changing table, you first need to make sure it is a sturdy one and ensure it doesn’t topple over. You may even want to secure the dresser to the wall. Put a waterproof padded changing mat on top of the dresser and secure it down as well. The dresser should be 36 to 43 inches high, which is the average height of a changing table, according to Consumer Reports. However, you want the dresser to be in proportion to your height to prevent back pain.

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need
Buy only what you need and you will not be wasteful. Before you go shopping, online or in stores, consider what you really need for your baby’s nursery. Make a list of the absolute essentials and stick to that list. Your baby will not care as they will not even remember what their nursery looked like. Remember to use this list for your baby registry too!

Find Cheaper Alternatives
Swapping pricey items for cheaper alternatives is one way to create a nursery on a budget. The key to finding cheaper alternatives is to be creative and think outside the proverbial box. To help you with that, here are some ways you can find more affordable options for the things your baby needs:

Shop Second-hand
While you will not want to buy a used convertible crib or mattress second-hand, there are others items you can buy used, such as a dresser or glider. You can clean a dresser or glider and paint it to make them look new. You can also buy pre-loved decorations, light fixtures, and picture frames.

You can look for used items for your nursery at the following places:

  • Thrift stores
  • Consignment shops
  • Yard sales
  • Craig’s List
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Freecycle
  • Nextdoor

Buy at IKEA
Known for affordable furniture and decor, IKEA can be a great place for basic items such as dressers, dresser dividers, gliders, shelves, and decor. You can also find convertible cribs, mattresses, and changing table pads. If you do not live near an IKEA, you can shop online.

Use What You Have
Perhaps there's an old bookshelf you were thinking of taking to a thrift store or a sturdy dresser catching dust in the garage? Take the old dresser, clean it up, and give it a coat of paint. Do the same for the bookshelf. Remember that the dresser can double as a changing table, and the bookshelf can be used for more than just books and store diapers and wipes instead.

Get Creative
The biggest thing you will need to think of and implement DIY nursery ideas on a budget is your creativity. There are numerous ways to make a nursery look wonderful with a little creativity. Here are a few of them:

  • Decorate with toys. Do you have old toys from your childhood? Break them out and use them as decor, or find affordable and cute toys and place them on a shelf.
  • Use stuffed animals as decor. Find some you really love and stick them on a shelf.

Paint and Wall Decor
The walls of your baby’s nursery are where you can really break out the creativity. Paint is an inexpensive way to decorate. For example, you can paint three of the walls a neutral color and put a color such as yellow on one wall to create an accent wall. You could also create patterns or put a quote on the wall with stencils, and pictures with cute frames can be used as wall decor.

A Nursery Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Designing and creating a nursery for your baby does not have to break your budget. With creativity and know-how, you can implement the suggestions in this article to create the nursery of your dreams where your little one can sleep tight.