REDYPER™ Local Program Expansion

REDYPER™ Local Program Expansion

Compostable diapers can be a dream come true for any environmentally responsible parent.

If you are here, you are probably already aware of the environmental problem diaper waste poses. They take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, and we toss out roughly 3.3 MILLION tons of diapers per year. On top of this, traditional disposable diapers are made with environmentally harmful materials that are potentially harmful to your baby.

This is the main reason why DYPER was created. The founder, Sergio Radovcic, wanted to create a truly kind option for environmentally minded parents. He wanted you to be able to feel good about providing this necessity for your baby.

While we started out as a responsibly sourced diaper company, we wanted to expand into something more. We knew waste was a huge problem, and that composting was an answer to that problem.

Compostable Baby Diaper Drop-Off Now in Phoenix, Arizona
To answer the waste problem, we created REDYPER™, our diaper composting program that allows you to responsibly toss your baby's used diapers.

No matter where you are in the U.S, you can take part in this service by packing and shipping your used diapers to the nearest TerraCycle composting facility.

Now, as part of an exciting expansion plan, we are opening up a REDYPER™ drop-off and pick-up center in Phoenix, Arizona. Our plan is to expand this service throughout most major cities across the U.S. We are beyond excited to provide this service to customers in Phoenix as well as the San Fransisco Bay area.

Exactly What is REDYPER™?
REDYPER™ is an optional subscription service we offer to interested parents. You can choose to have this on top of your regular diaper delivery subscription for an additional cost. As part of the program, you send us your used diaper waste and we dispose of it responsibly at our commercial composting facilities.

The subscription service also includes the bags, boxes, and prepaid shipping labels needed for shipping your diaper waste. All you have to do is package it up and send it in the mail.

We partner with TerraCycle to make this possible, a waste management company located in New Jersey.

The process is kind and responsible. Our compostable diapers make this one of the best ways to dispose of the waste, and the step-by-step instructions ensure the entire handling and shipping process is safe.

We also handle the resulting compost. We make sure it is distributed and put to good use in public projects where it is needed.

While we are proud of this program, we know there is more we can do. Our goal is to become a full-service, environmentally kind diaper and baby product service provider. Being able to ship across the country is great, but being conveniently located near our very own pick-up and drop-off REDYPER™ facility is far more convenient.

Pickup and Drop Off Locally
Instead of waiting an extended period of time for national delivery, customers in the San Fransisco and Phoenix area can have their diapers delivered on short notice from their local facility. This saves you time as a busy parent, and it helps eliminate wasteful carbon output as a result of national shipping.

You can also choose to drop off your compostable diaper waste and pick up your new set of diapers at the facility. This is ideal for people who live particularly close to the location.

We did this successfully first in the San Fransisco Bay area. To accomplish this, we acquired the local composting company, Earth Baby. This made it possible for us to replicate our larger REDYPER™ program for a smaller local market.
We are in the soft-launch phase in Phoenix, with plans to continue expansion beyond the West Coast.

Future Plans to Expand
As the popularity of our brand grows, so do our plans to expand. Beyond San Fransisco and Phoenix, we have immediate plans to expand into Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

We will continue to partner with local composting services and companies throughout the United States. Providing the convenience of local market delivery, pick up, and drop off locations is our first big step into becoming a full-service sustainable baby product service.

The World's First Compostable Baby Diaper
As the world's producer of the first compostable diaper, it was inevitable that our REDYPER™ program would become a focal point in our expansion.

In our quest to make sure our product was kind and responsible for your baby, we made sure to craft a diaper that could be mostly broken down into a nutrient-dense organic matter.

So, what makes this diaper compostable?

The DYPER diaper is made with plant-based materials. It is compost safe, without any alcohol, latex, lotion, Phthalates, or TBT.

As a mother or father who cares deeply for your child and the environment, having the ability to buy compostable diapers is important. On average, you end up changing your little one's diaper almost 7 times a day, and the waste adds up quickly if you are choosing to rely on traditional disposable methods. To be able to responsibly dispose of this waste is a huge weight off of your shoulders.

This is why we are choosing to expand into local markets, and are excited to work with our Phoenix, Arizona customers through local pick up, drop off, and delivery.