9 Things To Add to Your Environmentally Kind Baby Registry

9 Things To Add to Your Environmentally Kind Baby Registry

If you are an environmentally responsible person, you try to only shop for responsible materials. As a parent, you'll probably want to continue the practice with your child. So when it comes to creating your registry list, you want to make sure it’s full of environmentally kind baby products. But what should you add to an ethical baby registry? Below you’ll find the perfect zero waste baby products for your list.

Why Should You Buy Responsible Baby Products?
When you ask your friends to buy environmentally responsible newborn products for your ethical baby registry, remind them why you prefer them. If you want to convince them environmentally responsible products are the right choice, you can explain the following benefits:

  • A company that creates environmentally kind baby products respects the environment and its workers
  • The products reduce plastic use
  • There are no harsh chemicals such as phthalates or BPA

Also, it’s essential for adults to teach children how to protect our environment and save Mother Earth. If we want a better future for our children, we need to make sure they can live well and thrive in the world.

9 Environmentally Kind Baby Products for Your Registry List
1. Diapers
Changing diapers is tricky, since you want a diaper that will hold through the night and not leave your baby soiled in the morning. However, you don't want your baby to live in a world full of disposable diapers made of harmful chemicals and non-degradable plastic.

Some companies use harsh chemicals to make diapers, and these end up in the environment. It can take disposable diapers more than 500 years to degrade in landfills, producing methane and other toxic gases during the process.

Cloth diapers are the most environmentally responsible diapering option. Some cloth diapers are even designed to hold well throughout the night, keeping your newborn dry until the morning. If you're not sure if you're ready to tackle cloth diapers, environmentally kind disposables are also a good choice for your ethical baby registry.

2. Bamboo Clothing
Bamboo is one of the best materials for baby clothes and has many advantages over other fabrics — including cotton. The following is some of the reasons it’s better to buy bamboo clothing over cotton materials:

  • Bamboo fabric doesn't contain harsh chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin
  • It’s cheaper to produce
  • It's toxin-free
  • It's very durable
  • It’s better for the environment

Clothing made from bamboo can also be luxuriously soft, giving your little one true hypoallergenic comfort. The material allows the wearer to stay comfortable in various weather conditions.

It also requires less washing, making it more durable for long-term use. So, if you hate washing clothes, make sure to include bamboo clothing outfits on your environmentally kind baby products registry.

3. Environmentally Kind Laundry Detergent
Laundry pods may be the best item for you to add to your environmentally kind baby registry. Why is that?

Many laundry detergents contain phosphates, which are hazardous to human health and the environment. You won’t have to worry about this if you buy environmentally kind laundry detergent.

4. Natural Rubber Pacifiers
Pacifiers made from natural rubber -- which comes from rubber trees -- don't contain chemical softeners, colorants, BPA, phthalates, PVC, or parabens like pacifiers made from synthetic materials. They're 100% natural, responsible, and soothing for your baby.

5. Environmentally Responsible Baby Skin Care Products
Ask your friends and family to check the label before buying any product off the shelf. Some "natural" baby products aren't really natural and contain ingredients you may not want to use on a newborn. These ingredients include parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and artificial fragrances. It's essential for you to inform your family about these hidden toxins and to ask them to read labels to ensure any skin products they buy don't contain them.

If they find this too time-consuming, consider skincare products from the kitchen. Sometimes, this is where you find the most environmentally kind skincare products. For example, coconut oil is great for diaper rash, dry skin, and keeping baby’s skin soft. Or you can combine a vegan diaper cream.

6. Plastic-Free Toys
Many companies make safe, non-toxic, plastic-free toys. Also, keep in mind that just because a toy is a plastic doesn’t always mean it’s harmful. For example, some companies recycle plastic milk jugs to make environmentally kind baby products with no BPA, phthalates, or harmful dyes. However, it depends on the company and their production methods, so make sure to research the company before buying their toys.

7. Baby Oral Health Products
You should start thinking about oral care when your baby gets its first teeth. Sometimes baby’s teeth can pop in early, so it won’t hurt to add to your ethical baby registry. Look for non-toxic silicone toothbrushes that are BPA and PVC-free for your environmentally kind baby registry.

8. Non-toxic Crib Mattress
Babies sleep a lot, especially when they’re newborns, so your crib should be kind to your baby and the planet. When you add a crib mattress to your environmentally kind baby registry, make sure it's “MADE SAFE” Certified. The certification means no materials used in it emit harmful gases, vapors, or by-products.

9. Postpartum pads
Of course, not all products on your ethical baby registry have to be for the newborn. It’s nice for new moms to have something to help them adjust and ease into motherhood.

During your hospital stay, the nurses will give you disposable pads, which make many mothers feel like they’re wearing a diaper. Instead of settling for these, add reusable cloth postpartum pads to your environmentally kind baby registry. The cloths are soft and made of organic materials like bamboo or hemp, making your recovery more comfortable and pleasant.

Don't Forget to Add Diapers to Your Environmentally Kind Baby Products List

There’s a reason diapers are number one on our list, as they're an essential item for your ethical baby registry. Until your child is ready for potty training, they will need diapers on a daily basis. Make sure those diapers are made without harmful materials to your baby and the environment. Let DYPER deliver environmentally kind diapers right to your doorstep when you start your subscription today!