8 Gifts for a New Dad To Celebrate His Induction Into Fatherhood

8 Gifts for a New Dad To Celebrate His Induction Into Fatherhood

Is there a new baby in your life?

Society tends to focus (understandably!) on the new mama and baby. Traditionally, baby showers and birth plans center around supporting the mother-to-be.

So, what about new dads? Stepping into fatherhood is a big life milestone that should also be celebrated and recognized. If you’re hoping to acknowledge a new dad in your life in a special way, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 8 of the best gifts for a new dad that will make him feel special, while also helping him ease into his new role:

1. Diaper Duty Bin
Everyone knows that the first few years of parenting are a blur of late nights, milky smiles, and oh so many diapers. So, why not help a new dad out by putting together a foolproof “diaper duty bin” so that he can keep it together as he navigates parenting?

In the diaper duty bin, you’ll need to add essentials such as diaper cream, wipes, diapers, and perhaps you’ll even want to throw in a diaper pail. Also, include DYPER™ subscription, so he never has to worry about running out of diapers again. Made with plant-based materials and made without harmful chemicals or potential irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates. Looking for funny new dad gifts? Add a hilarious label to the bin such as “Daddy’s Diaper Doody”, “Oh Sh*t Gear”, or “Keep your sh*t together, Dad”.

2. Energy Drinks
Early fatherhood is marked by bleary eyes, yawns, and exhaustion. Help a new dad out with the gift of energy drinks! Quality energy drinks will help new dads look out for their health while also keeping their strength going as they care for their new bundles of joy. Plus, energy drinks are delicious, refreshing, and will give dad something to look forward to in the fridge.

Put this present in the “funny gifts for a new dad” category by writing dad jokes on post-its and attaching one to each bottle or can. Here’s one to get you started: “I hate my job. All I do is crush cans all day. It’s soda pressing!” Cue groaning!

3. DYPER Subscription
Did we mention that fatherhood brings the gift of mountains of diapers? Save the new dad in your life from constant diaper runs with a DYPER subscription!

DYPER makes diapers a breeze with monthly deliveries! Made with plant-based materials and made without harmful chemicals or potential irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates.

4. Fill His Freezer Box
Don’t let the new responsibilities of fatherhood keep a new dad and his family from eating well! Fill his freezer with quality meats and seafood so that whenever he’s in the mood for a solid meal, all he has to do is hit defrost.

We can’t help but recommend shopping with Thrive Market, where you can even find plant-based meats for your vegetarian dad. Plus, they offer everything from quality steaks to surf n’ turf boxes and even pasture-raised chicken boxes. If you prefer to gift the freshest meats, you can even set up a monthly delivery with Thrive Market so that the growing family can put meals on automatic.

5. Shaving Kit
One of the best gifts for a new dad has to be a shaving kit. After spending many nights up with the baby, new dads often find themselves staring in the mirror at a very scruffy face!

New dads deserve pampering too! Put together a basket or kit with fancy razors, luxurious shaving creams, and an extra-thick, soft washcloth. After a shave using this kit, he’ll be feeling almost human again! We’re sure your new dad’s face and sense of dignity will thank you forever.

6. New Dad Gear
Help the new father show off his new status with awesome dad gear. Choose a funny novelty t-shirt that says "Papa Bear", "Best Dad in the Galaxy", or "Daddy Shark", or go for something practical like a cozy zip-up hoody (perfect for late-night baby duty). New dads will also certainly appreciate a quality pair of sweatpants or a new baseball cap to wear while taking the baby out for some fresh air. With new dad gear, you'll help make sure the new father is comfortable and stylish as he cares for the baby.

Looking for something extra unique? Try finding a baby carrier or kangaroo dad t-shirt. Many baby wraps and carriers are aimed at new moms, so finding something special for dad to use is a major win. Baby carriers and kangaroo t-shirts help give dad's arms a break as he carts the baby around the house or in town. Plus, with this gift, you'll help create many sweet bonding moments for father and baby.

7. DYPER Bag
Give the new dad in your life the gift of style with our amazing DYPER Bag. An easy-to-wear backpack, the bag offers dads an easy way to care for the baby when they’re out on the town.

Need to do a quick diaper change? The bag comes fully equipped with a changing pad that is perfect for protecting the baby from germs in public places.
This diaper bag is also loaded with pockets for everything baby (and dad!) needs. We even included an insulated pocket for a warm bottle and perfect spots for dad to tuck his phone.

8. Powerful Detergent
The reality is that stains are a fact of life for new fathers. Whether because dad was holding the baby when there was a blowout diaper situation or because dad was eating one-handed and dripped ketchup on his shirt, stains are going to happen.

If that wasn't bad enough, then there's the stink. New dads can go for a whole day and night without changing their shirt (or showering!) when they're busy caring for the baby and new mama. That means a new dad can wind up pretty sweaty and smelly. Help a guy out with a powerful, but environmentally kind detergent that will kick stains and odor to the curb.

With these best gifts for a new dad up your sleeve, you're sure to make entering fatherhood a bit brighter, more fun, and a whole lot easier. Which gift will you pick?