Can #2 speak to you?

We're turning diapers into information sources delivering valuable insights to parents. Our diagnostics platform is helping answer important questions related to allergies, sensitivities, and more.

Actionable insights

We're partnering with the most promising providers that can deliver science-based insights into the pressing questions many famiies have.

Our delivery and pickup network is uniquely positioned to quickly and reliably deliver samples to labs, shortening the time from collection to action.

Gut Biome

Biomarkers for your child’s eczema, allergies, asthma, and metabolic health. Get actionable dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations from trusted microbiome experts based on the results.

DNA Traits

Screen for over 200 rare genetic conditions, compared to an average of 30 conditions for standard screening by state including metabolic disorders, childhood cancers, cardiac disorders, and skeletal disorders.

Sampling of available tests







Tests provided are exclusively intended to be used for wellness and education purposes. The tests we promote are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician’s consultation. Please read and acknowledge additional terms related to these services prior to enrolling.

Easy peasy

Collect the sample using the provided collection device.

Pack the sample in the uniquely coded collection box.

Hand the box to your pickup driver or leave for your scheduled collection.

Our drivers pick them up and deliver to labs for processing.

Intependetly certified labs will process your samples and deliver results to our partners.

Personalized report and guidance are delivered through a secure portal.

Right to know

Right to know

We believe that parents have the right to be involved in the health and wellbeing of their children, including the ability to supplement pediatrician ordered testing with additional educational and informational resources designed to assist them in nurturing their child.

A few quick answers

Where is the service available?

Curbside pickup is only available in select cities and we are expanding every day. If you are eligible for the local pickup program it will show in your profile.


Atlanta • Austin • Boston • Chicago • Denver/Boulder • Los Angeles • Milwaukee • Minneapolis • Nashville • New York City • Newark • Philadelphia • Phoenix • Portland • Sacramento • Salt Lake City • San Diego • San Francisco • Seattle • Washington D.C. • Raleigh

Alternatively, you can acquire our mail-away kit and send the diapers and wipes back to us at your convenience.

Where are diapers picked up?

We recommend that your pick-up takes place at your front door. Please reach out to us at if you require a different pick-up location or any specific pick-up instructions. Easy.

How often do you pickup?

We will pick up your soiled diapers and wipes every two weeks We come on the same day of the week, every other week, on your assigned service day.

You will see your upcoming schedule of pickups in your profile.

How does composting differ from recycling?

Recycling involves reprocessing old materials into new raw materials, which can later be used to create new products. Glass, plastic, paper, textiles, and metals are commonly recycled.

Composting is the natural decaying of biodegradable organic material, producing nutrient rich top-soil. The composting process occurs normally in nature, but very slowly (measured in years).

Our Industrial Composting process accelerates the natural process of decomposition by actively controlling the composting conditions (temperatures, aeration, carbon, and nitrogen content) that allow aerobic bacteria to thrive, producing the end product in as little as 14 weeks.

What can't get composted will get filtered out before compost is used for commercial purposes.